Scott Medsger

  • Sr. Loan Officer
  • NMLS: 216820
  • (713) 369-6567
  • (713) 253-3989
  • (713) 369-6532
  • 711 W. Bay Area Blvd., Ste 102
  • Webster, TX 77598
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Welcome to my website

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website!  I look forward to assisting you with your endeavors.  

Whether you are buying a new home, refinancing your existing home or planning to build, there are a lot of variables and considerations in making the right choice.  In reality, this may be the largest debt you will ever create in your lifetime and it is critical that your mortgage is structured in a manner that will enable you to meet all of your financial goals.  With various mortgage products to select from when it comes to customizing your financial needs, it is important to consider all aspects available that may best suit your immediate and long-term financial objectives.  It gives me great satisfaction to provide my clients with a consultation that will dispel any myths and provide viable information in an effort to assist you with important decisions.  Most importantly, I will help you secure the best mortgage possible.  Not only with rates and fees, but also provide you with the highest degree of service possible while keeping your specific needs in mind.  

As a mortgage consultant, I have assisted Texas residents since 1993, and it is imperative that I provide you with a service that exceeds your expectations when it comes to residential lending.  Hometrust Mortgage Company is a Houston-based Corporation, funding nearly $1 Billion in residential mortgage loans each year.  We would like to count you as one of our preferred clients.  Please do not hesitate to call me with questions or to set up an initial consultation.

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Navigating Refinance Appraisals with Confidence
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Understanding Your FICO Score: Key to Better Home Loan Rates
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